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Fret Slotting Saw
Fret Slotting Saw

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To install frets, you tap the lower part of the fret wire (called the tang) into a slot cut in the fingerboard. It's important that the saw you use cuts a slot, or kerf, just the right width to hold the fret wire securely, not allowing it to pop out again. Our fret wire дус and this is fairly standard дус calls for a slot of .023". That's considerably thinner than, say, a typical hack saw blade. Some coping saw blades are pretty close, but they're not designed to make the kind of dependably straight kerf that a good back saw does. The fret saws we carry are designed for just this purpose, with top-quality, long-lasting, precision-made blades, and they dependably do an excellent job. The blades on these saws are oriented to cut on the pull stroke, which makes for more sure cutting motion. The price is comparable to or less than you'd typically pay for a high-quality back saw at the hardware store (but the kerf from the hardware store saw would in all likelihood be the wrong width).