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K&K Pure Preamp
K&K Pure Preamp

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The Pure Preamp made by K&K Sound Systems will enhance the performance of magnetic pickups, piezo contact pickups, high-impedance microphones, and other high impedance, low-level sources. (It can work with low-impedance microphones too, but not optimally).
The Pure Preamp is practically noise-free and the fidelity of the output signal is excellent. Its compact (including the knobs). It comes with a belt clip, so you can wear it when you play, keeping cable lengths from the pickup to the pre-amp to a minimum. Or perhaps, if this works for your instrument, youll devise some simple way to mount it directly on the instrument. There is no additional wiring or soldering required; nor is it necessary to make any modifications to your instrument. You just plug in the cables from the pickup and to the power amp, and play.
It has easily accessible volume, bass, midrange and treble control knobs almost like having controls on the instrument itself. In addition, theres a gain-control located inside the unit that allows you to adjust the input signal strength as needed to prevent overloading. High-impedance signals, particularly the ultra-high impedance signals coming from piezo contact pickups, tend to lose both fidelity and signal strength when they pass through cable runs of more than a few feet. The solution to this problem is to include a pre-amp in the signal path as close as possible to the pickup. The pre-amp will boost the signal, making it more immune to unwanted noise pickup, and it will convert it to a lower impedance, allowing for longer cable runs without loss of fidelity or signal strength. The K&K Pure Pre-amp is excellent for this purpose.