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K&K Piezo-Electric Contact Pickups - Twin Spot

Our Price: $60.00

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Product Code: 111


Affordable, durable, excellent-sounding ready-to-use piezo pickup from K&K Sound, suitable for use on almost any instrument with a vibrating surface you can attach it to. The Twin Spot ($60) has a dual sensing element with a single output. As a piezo-electric pickup goes, it sounds excellent. Experimental instrument makers have praised K&K pickups for their affordability, versatility and sound quality for years. Theyńˇ╗re versatile, theyńˇ╗re quick and easy to mount, theyńˇ╗re very small and unobtrusive.

The frequency response is listed at 15Hz ńˇ˝ 15,000Hz. The sensing elements are a half inch in diameter, very thin and very lightweight. The two pickups each come with a foot of cable, wired to a single quarter-inch audio jack. A clip for the jack, which can be mounted on the body of an instrument by screwing or double-sided adhesive tape, is supplied. Thereńˇ╗s also a small supply of double-sided adhesive tape for mounting the pickup. (If you run out after a few mountings and re-mountings, you can use any double-sided tape, or contact adhesive.) A brochure, brief but clear and to-the-point, is provided with each pickup, which includes mounting suggestions for different sorts of instruments. The Twin Spot has a dual sensing element wired to a single 1/4" jack. Piezo pickups benefit from having a local preamp in cases where the cable run from the pickup will be a long one.

We sell a preamp that is made by K&K: the K&K Pure Preamp. For more information on different types of pickups, their uses, and the pre-amp question, click here.

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