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Quarter Inch Mono In-Line Phone Jack (female)
Our Price: $2.00

This jack is the female counterpart to the standard quarter inch phone plug and is designed to go at the end of a cable.

Shielded Cable Narrow Gauge (sold by the foot)
per foot $2.25

This lightweight cable is suitable wherever you want light, flexible shielded wiring. Good for attaching to piezos, as well as most other pickup wiring other than the main exterior lead cable.

Quarter Inch Mono Phone Jack (female) - Panel Mount
Our Price: $2.50

This is a standard, quarter-inch phone jack, designed to be mounted on the body of an instrument or the casing of an electronic component. Use this if you want to be able to connect your instrument using a standard musical instrument cable. Wiring instructions included.

Quarter Inch Mono Phone Plug (male)
Our Price: $3.50

This is the plug that you see at the ends of an electric guitar player's guitar lead cord. It is the standard connector for plugging instruments into amplifiers, mixers, effects processors, etc

250K Audio Potentiometer - Audio Taper for Volume Control
Our Price: $4.00

This volume control's 250K Ohm resistance is suitable for the signal strength coming from either a typical piezo or typical magnetic pickup. It is audio taper, meaning that it provides a uniform rate of increase in perceived volume as you turn the knob. Complete wiring instructions included.